Content & Semantics

What does content is king really mean

The content is the value you want to create. If you content has no value to the user, or if it is duplicate content, your content will not be brought forward. Check content quality, good usage of semantics, still using the most important keywords and variations in the right places, while keeping focus on relevancy for the user and not focus on SEO only.

Content optimization is not keyword stuffing

Content is King, but far away are the times when Google got tricked with keyword stuffing. As Google bots constantly improve to assess your website's content, your site will be penalised in rankings if your content doesn't make much sense linguistically or for the user.

The effects of mobile first on content

Since mobile first indexation, the content on your mobile version is the master one for both mobile and desktop indexation. This means the content on the mobile version is the one which counts. Space on mobile is more limited than on desktop so choose your content carefully: engage your users, don't bore them with too much content, but enough to guide google bots.

Alex Bieth, SEO Consultant