Brand building

Your links represent your reputation and relevancy in your domain. Link building now goes hand in hand with brand building. As you increased the digital signs of recognition aka links, you are also building visibility of your brand. The best links are those which are where your potential customers are browsing the web or looking for companies such as yours. If these backlinks bring you quality traffic that means it is indeed in the right place and brings value to your online reputation (aka domain / page authority)

Getting links

After doing an audit of your link profile and of your main SEO competitors, a plan is needed to proactively develop your link building profile. This is on one hand a never ending job and on the other the new quality links need to be coming in at regular intervals.


An important part in brand building is searching and finding the influencers sources and websites where your potential users visit when investigation or potentially deciding on which company to use.

Content Creation

Looking at what the content your relevant influencers share, you can get some inspiration on the content you need to start producing. Also you need to identify parallel search terms and topics with significant Search Volume, which are not yet on your Keyword list.

Alex Bieth, SEO Consultant